KIDS/IQUE! - An Immersion Class for Foster and At-Risk Youth

KIDS/IQUE! is a curriculum-based, musical immersion program customized to meet the needs of foster and at-risk youth in order to prepare and provide them the same opportunities and experiences that we present to our general audience.

Students ages ten and up, as well as families and staff of partnering organizations receive on-going, engaging musical experiences through workshops and complimentary concert attendance with preferred seating. They are exposed to multiple genres of music and explore how music is played, made, expressed and how it relates to the world around us. Promoting cultural literacy and music appreciation, KIDS/IQUE! specializes in working with youth living in residential foster care facilities and populations of at-risk youth. Our KIDS/IQUE! program provides all services free of charge to its partners.

KIDS/IQUE! workshops are designed as a direct point of entry to the sights and sounds for each MUSE/IQUE concert curated by Maestra Worby. Created and led by Lead Educator Heather Lipson Bell, each session is an opportunity for students to have an up-close experience with invited guest artists; explore self-expression; gain self-confidence and self-control; connect with fellow students and staff; see, hear, and/or play a variety of musical instruments; engage their imaginations; and be inspired.  Students act as both audience and participants as each workshop utilizes a kinesthetic approach, incorporating related art forms such as dance, theater and visual arts.

KIDS/IQUE! reaches over 600 foster and at-risk youth annually through 50+ workshops held year round.  Partnering organizations include Alliance for Children’s Rights, Five Acres, Hathaway-Sycamores, Hillsides, NATHA, Pasadena’s Boys and Girls Club, Performing Arts for All, Professional Child-Development Associates, and Urban Compass.

For more information about MUSE/IQUE and to arrange a site visit to see the KIDS/IQUE! program in action, please contact or call 626-844-7703.