The House That Nat Built

The House That Nat Built

This show is completely sold out.
Wednesday, September 22 and Thursday, September 23 at The Huntington
Sunday, September 26 at The Skirball
Doors open at 6:30pm. Music begins at 7:30pm

Starring Joshua Henry, Julia Harriman, and dancers from the esteemed Lula Washington Dance Theatre

“The House that Nat Built” is an impressive nickname and no small feat. Nat who? Only a young jazz pianist who would become Nat King Cole, one of the most decorated singers of all-time. The House? Capitol Records, the legendary recording studio that is synonymous with the Los Angeles music scene writ large. In this performance, MUSE/IQUE explores the enduring music of Nat King Cole and his impressive L.A. story, from his lasting legacy on television, on the Billboard charts, in the recording booth, and beyond.

Also featuring Gary Fukushima, Laurence Juber, Jamey Tate, Marlon Martinez, Alyssa Park, Neel Hammond, Ginger Murphy, Erik Rynearson, Ashoka Thiaragajan, Mona Tian, Charlie Tyler, Rodey Wirtz, Jeff Driscoll, Jay Mason, Brian Scanlon, Rob Schaer, Dan Fornero.

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This event is part of L.A. ComposedA Festival of Los Angeles Music Led by Artistic Director Rachael Worby.

About the series

Los Angeles has always been a city of dreamers and doers; a collector of transplants, a haven for explorers; a bubbling hub of innovation and wild creativity. What happens in Los Angeles can only happen here.

The musical legacy of Los Angeles is full of musical change-makers, rule-breakers, and risk-takers. It’s a vibrant tapestry woven with thousands of threads.

In the spirit of rediscovery and radical celebration, MUSE/IQUE tells the story of Los Angeles, celebrating the intersections where musical magic was made.

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