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MUSE/IQUE Offstage Community Programs

Onstage, MUSE/IQUE delivers powerful, curated performances that activate hearts and minds.

Offstage, we take these thematic explorations of humanity through live music and provide free programs that further engage the community.

At the forefront is our mission to deliver these programs to those that would otherwise not have access. These opportunities change lives by empowering, inspiring, and creating safe experiences for individuals to connect and grow.

Offstage Programs

How to Get Involved

OffStage Partners

OffStage Programs

Offstage Programs

Free to See (And Hear!)

Our community partners are in the audience at every MUSE/IQUE Mainstage event free of charge, experiencing not only the show, but meaningful interactions with our staff and artists.


Underserved populations in our community receive intimate, interactive, customized, curriculum-focused events with artists directly from our MUSE/IQUE stages in the places that they learn, live and work. This program is presented monthly.


Presented as a day-in-the-life-of-a-MUSE/IQUE-artist, emerging talent and pre-professional artists learn and perform the repertoire, arrangements, theme, and curation of our season. In these customized sessions, participants will work with a featured MUSE/IQUE artist while exploring the discipline, demands, and magic of a professional career in the arts. This program is offered twice a year.

Student Matinees

At MUSE/IQUE we believe that live music is a basic human right. Hundreds of youth that would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience live music are invited to a free MUSE/IQUE student matinee. 

Offstag Opps


Become a Community Partner

To get involved, contact


MUSE/IQUE believes live music is oxygen for the imagination. We need your help to bring our mission to life. From welcoming and wayfinding, to working behind the scenes, volunteers create a meaningful experience for our guests. In appreciation of your enthusiasm and time, volunteers also get to enjoy a seat at our shows. 


Support MUSE/IQUE and our community programs.

Offstage Partners
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