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Member Testimonies

Membership: The very best way to share

the music with the people you love!

We love our members! Membership donations fund MUSE/IQUE’s programs, supporting us in our mission to bring life-changing live music to all.


Here is a look at a few of our members and what they find unique about MUSE/IQUE.

Members Alex Dorsey & Pamela Villarreal

Alex Dorsey & Pamela Villarreal became members in 2015 and increased their membership to Chamber Circle this year. Amid busy schedules as a Leadership Facilitator/Coach and Tax & Finance Advisor, Alex and Pamela have discovered a love for MUSE/IQUE’s programs that they are passionate about sharing with friends and family.

Tell us about your MUSE/IQUE journey.


From the first show, we were captivated by the gifted diverse vocalists, and musicians, the stories behind the music, the fantastic venues, the dedication to sharing the music off-stage with community members who couldn’t access it, and Rachel’s magnetic energy and stage presence.

While Los Angeles area is home to some of the best talent and entertainment in the world, MUSE/IQUE is unique. MUSE/IQUE honors and celebrates the stories, the people, and the places that are the threads in the music so many of us enjoy, while working to ensure community members who are most in need of the life-changing gift of music receive it. MUSE/IQUE weaves us together with music.

You upgraded your membership, becoming more involved over the years. Why?


Simply, we love MUSE/IQUE. We believe in the mission and are committed to supporting its growth and sustainability. And so, a MUSE/IQUE membership for two, grew to four, and now, with family and friends, to ten.

What do you tell others about MUSE/IQUE?


Join us! It is unlike any other evening of music you have experienced. You’ll have an enjoyable evening with friends; be uplifted by the show’s quality; gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the songs you love; and support children and seniors of more modest means in our community gain access to the gift of these musicians.

Tell us about a jaw-dropping moment from a show you attended.

Every show is so incredible it’s difficult to choose just one moment. LA Composed shows featuring the music and history of Central Avenue, Whittier, and Laurel Canyon as well as dance sensations Savion Glover and Herman Cornejo!

What are you most looking forward to in our upcoming season, MUSIC = POWER?


Duke Ellington, the Music of the Women's Movement, and sharing the events with friends and clients who have yet to hear of MUSE/IQUE!

Member Sam Thomasson

Sam Thomasson became a member in 2013 and increased his membership to Producer Circle a few years ago. As a Retired Corporate Attorney, Sam serves on MUSE/IQUE’s board, helping to expand our community impact.

Tell us about your MUSE/IQUE journey.


Through a community newspaper, I learned that Rachael Worby had started a new organization called MUSE/IQUE. I knew I had to join and see what it was all about.


I have loved her programs blending and reimagining great music of every type, from classical to rock, to Jazz and Blues, pop and country, and gospel to name just a few, presenting them along with dance and visual arts, and then explaining what we have heard and seen and how they are interconnected. The fact these programs have been performed in some of the most interesting, beautiful, eclectic, and historically significant venues makes the experience even better.


You upgraded your membership, becoming more involved over the years. Why?


As I attended more MUSE/IQUE programs and invited friends and neighbors to join me, I discovered what a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience its programs are.


As I learned about the great work MUSE/IQUE was doing in the community in addition to its shows, I knew I wanted to get more involved to help them thrive and expand their footprint to other Los Angeles neighborhoods. I started by upgrading my membership levels and introducing like-minded friends to MUSE/IQUE, many of whom joined and have contributed to the organization. I have since been lucky enough to get to work with many of the generous and talented members who made MUSE/IQUE a success long before I got involved.


What do you tell others about MUSE/IQUE?


I tell others to join me at a MUSE/IQUE program to enjoy one of the most uniquely satisfying musical experiences they will ever have.


I recommend that all our members invite a friend or neighbor who has never experienced MUSE/IQUE to join you at one of our programs this season. They will thank you for the wonderful experience and hopefully, they will choose to join us and help contribute to MUSE/IQUE’s success both in its programs and its community work. As individuals, we may not be able to change the world. But together we can all help make it a better place. Your membership and support of MUSE/IQUE go a long way.


Tell us about a jaw-dropping moment from a show you attended.


Every show we had last season had jaw-dropping and special moments. The spectacular tap dancing/violin duel between Savion Glover and Charles Yang performing Vivaldi’s Winter from his Four Seasons. Gaby Moreno’s achingly beautiful rendition of “Blue Bayou” Moreno performed at “Whittier Boulevard”.


The Central Ave program centered around Etta James really taught me something unexpected. I thought I knew Etta James and her music. I did not. The breadth of her music and the range of artists she inspired and assisted blew me away. I came away from the program with a whole new appreciation for that national treasure.


What are you most looking forward to in our upcoming season, MUSIC = POWER?


I am looking forward to all our programs this year and plan to attend each and every one!

To learn more about membership, click here or call member services, 626.539.7085.

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