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MUSE/IQUE believes that music is integral to expanding our imaginations, building empathy, and creating a more accessible and inclusive world. And to address the challenges surrounding accessibility and inclusivity in fine arts, we created a new type of organization that would break down barriers for audiences.


MUSE/IQUE curates musical evenings around a central idea that features an eclectic mix of artists and artistic disciplines, presented at cornerstone cultural institutions across LA. Our events often take place in cultural locales, such as the factories, schools, churches, gardens, and small businesses that characterize our city, making attendees feel at home.


Artistic Director Rachael Worby speaks directly to audiences directly and guides them through the music with fun, engaging lessons about history and musicology. Our events are designed to feel like an intimate and personal journey through unexpectedly connected musical histories, sounds, and genres. 

What's On Stage 

In our 2023 season MUSIC = POWER, we examine the visionary artists who made music that shaped public consciousness and drove meaningful social change. When artists have power, they open our minds to new perspectives and new possibilities.

Learn more about the events in this season by visiting our Events page.

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