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MH - About the Program
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1974 in Los Angeles was, in a word, magic. 


What do we mean by this? Well, by all accounts, the stars aligned; there was something in the water; there was magic in the air.
At a time when Americans began breaking free from post-war conformity, Los Angeles met the moment by attracting artists and fostering an environment where creativity could blossom and new ideas could be heard.


This fresh freedom brought with it a monumental revelation about how we consume art and the way we use entertainment as a prism through which we view ourselves.

For the first time in our country's history, we turned to popular culture as our lodestar for shifting political and social narratives. 

These conversations were happening on television, in Norman Lear's incredible slate of television: Maude, The Jeffersons, All in The Family, and Sanford & Sons. They were happening in the music of Stevie Wonder (fresh off his GRAMMY-winning Innervisions) and Joni Mitchell (who would go on to famously play four consecutive nights at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion). And they were happening in the daring new wave of cinema, which brought with it, a revolution in film scores that animated Chinatown, Godfather Part II, and The Conversation.

From this “Magic Hour,” sprung forth not only groundbreaking works of art from film, television, theatre, and recording studios alike, but most significantly the idea that it is often art and pop culture that lead our way forward. Los Angeles—and the world—would never be the same again.

Join us for our sprawling season opener that spans and captures the magic of 1974, the year that crowned Los Angeles the cultural capital of the world
.Artistic & Music Director Rachael Worby leads the magnificent MUSE/IQUE orchestra in an inspiring celebration of the music of Stevie Wonder, Jerry Goldsmith, Los Lobos, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles, and more! 


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Program Repertoire

Living for the City - Stevie Wonder, arr. Robert Schaer

Rachel Gonzalez, LaVance Colley, DC6 Singers Collective, MUSE/IQUE Orchestra


What's Going On - Marvin Gaye, arr. Michael Valerio

Rachel Gonzalez, LaVance Colley, DC6 Singers Collective, MUSE/IQUE Orchestra


The Lear Suite - Rachel Gonzalez, LaVance Colley, DC6 Singers Collective, MUSE/IQUE Orchestra   

"Those Were the Days" from All in the Family - Charles Strouse and Lee Adams arr. Alan Steinberger

"And Then There’s Maude" from Maude Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman & Dave Grusin, arr. Michael Valerio

"The Streetbeater" from Sanford and Son - Quincy D. Jones II, arr. Michael Valerio
"Movin’ On Up" from The Jeffersons - Ja'net Dubois and Oren Waters, 
arr. Michael Valerio

"Remembering You" from All in the Family - Roger Kellaway, arr. Alan Steinberger

Hamlet, Act III, Scene I - William Shakespeare

Glynn Turman


A Case of You - Joni Mitchell, arr. Jamey Tate

Rachel Gonzalez, MUSE/IQUE Orchestra


Teach Your Children -  Graham Nash, arr. David Saul Lee 

DC6 Singers Collective


Theme from The Godfather II: “The Immigrant” - Nino Rota, arr. Robert Schaer

Theme The Conversation - David Shire, arr. Alan Steinberger

Theme from Chinatown : “Love Theme” - Jerry Goldsmith, arr. Robert Schaer

MUSE/IQUE Orchestra


Excerpts from Nobel Prize Speech - Derek Walcott

Love After Love

Glynn Turman


The Way We Were  - Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, arr. Jonah Sirota

Rachel Gonzalez, MUSE/IQUE Orchestra and Marvin Hamlisch


Sabor a mí - Álvaro Carrillo, arr. Jamey Tate

Javier Almaráz, DC6 Singers Collective, MUSE/IQUE Orchestra

Desperado - Glenn Frey and Don Henley

Rachel Gonzalez, Javier Almaráz, Paul Cartwright, Alan Steinberger


Lean on Me - Bill Withers, arr. Michael Valerio

Rachel Gonzalez, LaVance Colley, Javier Almaráz, DC6 Singers Collective, MUSE/IQUE Orchestra


Tell Me Something Good - Stevie Wonder

Rachel Gonzalez, LaVance Colley, DC6 Singers Collective, MUSE/IQUE Rhythm Section

Digital Program - MH
MH - About the Artists


Glynn turman, actor

Glynn Turman  is an award-winning actor, and stage and television director. Glynn is known for his Emmy winning performance in the HBO series In Treatment and roles in ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder, FX’s Fargo, and HBO’s The Wire. He also starred in the film adaptation of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom opposite Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Boseman and in Netflix’s film Rustin, among many, many others. Turman has also had a prolific stage career, having starred in three August Wilson plays, most recently Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom directed by Phylicia Rashad.


LaVance Colley has fused the presence, range, and fervor of a Gospel singer with the versatility of Jazz, and the heart of R&B to develop a style all his own. As an accomplished vocalist his credits include working with legends like: Beyonce Knowles, John Legend, Shawn Mendes, Pharrell Williams, Diana Ross, and Lizzo, to name a few. LaVance is also widely recognized as the lead vocalist, and Emcee on tour with international sensation group Postmodern Jukebox. His live performances and studio sessions are truly spectacular and highly sought after by many artists in the industry.

rachel gonzalez, VOCALS

LA native Singer-Songwriter Rachel Gonzalez is a blend of soul driven melodies & intentionally honest storytelling. Her voice carries her message of healing straight to your heart, and is something you can’t quite ignore. Growing up singing in church and high school choir sparked her love for music, and her time at Berklee College of Music inspired her to develop her voice and sound as an artist. Now, she is pursuing her love for music as an artist, vocalist, and songwriter creating music in so many different facets with so many amazing musicians.

Javier 1.jpeg

Javier AlmarÁz, VOCALS

Born in Nayarit, Mexico, Javier Almaráz embarked on a remarkable musical journey deeply influenced by his father Marco Antonio, who played a crucial role in Almaráz’ early exposure to music, as a member of the renowned trio “Los Dandys” by Güicho Cisneros. Throughout Almaráz’ career, bossa nova, bolero, Italian R&B, and jazz  shaped his diverse musical landscape. Notable collaborations with distinguished artists include Arturo Sandoval, Nan Schwartz, David Paich, Mike Lang, Till Brönner, Brent Fischer, Tierney Sutton and Jorge Estrada, as well as a  back-up singing for icons like Gloria Trevi and Chiquis Rivera.  The projects ranged from recording on songs like “El Dueño de Tu Amor,” “Aún Tengo Ganas de Ti,” and “La última rosa.” Almaráz simply captures the essence of his musical odyssey, reflecting a journey deeply rooted in family, marked by influential collaborations, and aspiring towards new horizons in the world of film soundtracks. 

DC6 Singers Collective-Black-Promo-No Group Name_edited.png

The dc6 singerS collective, vocals

The DC6 Singers Collective are a Los Angeles-based ensemble of dynamic and energetic a cappella, gospel, and Motown singers. Together, the DC6 Singers Collective have brought their shared passion for music as well as their uplifting and charismatic performances to audiences across the country. In harmony, the DC6 Singers Collective delivers a unique approach to gospel and Motown standards and breathes new life into classic and current pop standards. 

MUSE/IQUE orchestra

Conducted by Artistic  & Music Director Rachael Worby

Orchestra Manager Brady Steel

Librarian Caroline Boyce


This special group works closely with MUSE/IQUE to develop and produce arrangements, advise on repertoire, and help bring the music to life.


Principal Arranger and Special Advisor to the Music Director Michael Valerio, Jamey Tate, Rob Schaer, Alan Steinberger, David Saul Lee, and Jonah Sirota

Violin I
Alyssa Park, Ashoka Thiagarajan, Lisa Dondlinger, Mina Hong

Violin II

Neel Hammond, Paul Cartwright, Mona Tian, Marisa Kuney



Shawn Mann, Rodney Wirtz, Jonah Sirota



Charlie Tyler, Ginger Murphy



Michael Valerio



Amy Tatum (flute)

Damon Zick (flute/alto sax) 

Michele Forest (oboe)

Sierra Allen (clarinet)

Pat Posey (clarinet/tenor sax)

Amber Wyman (bassoon)



Dylan Hart (horn)

Laura Brenes (horn)

Rob Schaer (trumpet)

Chris Gray (trumpet)

Nick Daley (trombone)

Doug Tornquist (tuba).



Alan Steinberger (keyboard)

Michael Abraham (guitar)

Jamey Tate (drums)

Sponsors - MH

This season is presented by LeeAnn and Ron Havner / JCS Family Foundation.

Additional Sponsors:

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Anonymous (2), Avery and Andrew Barth, Michael Casey, Nancy and Michael Harahan, Ellen and Harvey Knell, The Jerry and Terri Kohl Family Foundation, Debbie and Rick Powell, and Alyce de Roulet  Williamson.

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