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MUSE/IQUE OFFSTAGE expands the reach of our live Mainstage performances into Pasadena and the greater Los Angeles area through strong partnerships with nonprofit organizations and community and venue partners.

Heather Lipson Bell designs curriculum-based, small-group music interactions that engage participants in a deeper experience of the repertoire and themes of our mainstage performances.

Each education event is an opportunity for participants to have an up-close experience with artists direct from the MUSE/IQUE stage; explore self-expression; gain self-confidence and self-control; connect with fellow students and staff; see, hear, and/or play a variety of musical instruments; engage their imaginations; and be inspired. Attendees act as both audience and participants as each event utilizes a kinesthetic approach, incorporating related art forms such as dance, theater, and visual arts.

  • These events are offered live both in-person and virtually. 

  • Each session is tailored specifically with the nonprofit partner organization in mind. 

  • Educational event participants are invited to attend all mainstage MUSE/IQUE performances for free.

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